Riverview At Home - Virtual Cinema

If you are interested in supporting us during these hard times while watching great cinema, here’s your chance! A few cinema distributors have created "Virtual Screenings" of some independent films we might typically show. You are able to watch these films at home, and it provides economic support for independent theaters like the Riverview. By using the links we provide, you will be supporting us. For each film you rent, a percentage of the cost will go directly to the Riverview. A list of films we are currently offering is below, check back soon for more movies!

We are now offering the following films in our Virtual Cinema:

Nationtime (1972)
NATIONTIME—GARY is a report on the National Black Political Convention held in Gary, Indiana, in 1972, a historic event that gathered black voices from across the political spectrum.

Selling Lies
A look inside the nefarious business of political fake news to expose the truth behind the lies and how it continues to impact the world today.

The Mouth of the Wolf (2009)
A criminal and his transsexual lover wait for each other while he serves his prison sentence.

An intimate portrait of an unlikely rock star: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. With unprecedented access, the filmmakers explore how her early legal battles changed the world for women.

Sicilia! (20th Anniversary restoration)
A U.S. immigrant returns to impoverished 1930s Italy and confronts his mother about her divorce.

Driven To Abstraction
Two women become caught up in a multimillion dollar art scam.

Change of Life (1966, Restoration)
The beautiful and deeply felt story of a young man, a veteran from the war in Angola, who returns home to his remote fishing village to discover that his former sweetheart is now married to his brother.

The Green Years (1963, Restored)
Julio travels to Lisbon to work as a shoemaker for his uncle. When he meets Ilda, his working-class values collide with the bourgeois trappings of modern life.

A mesmerizing portrait of a young German soldier who goes AWOL and returns to his childhood home in the countryside.

Hill of Freedom
A woman returns to Seoul from a stay in the mountains and is given a packet of letters left by a man who has come back from Japan to propose to her.

Woman on the Beach (2006)
New 4k restoration. A filmmaker goes to a seaside resort to finish a script and starts seducing his friend's girlfriend.

My First And Last Film
A deeply personal documentary that contemplates questions of life, death, love and aging.

New French Shorts 2020
A single feature-length program of delightful, funny, charming, and provocative recent short films from France.


Two childhood friends weather life together with varying degrees of success.

Beyond the Visible - Hilma af Klint

The story of a visionary artist whose talent, intellect and dedication to her craft produced a prolific body of work unlike any other. But until very recently her name was absent from the history books.

The Hottest August

Ordinary people in New York are asked to talk about their lives and their hopes for the future in a time marked by political division and climate change.

Vitalina Varela

A Cape Verdean woman navigates her way through Lisbon, following the scanty physical traces her deceased husband left behind and discovering his secret, illicit life.

The Booksellers

A behind-the-scenes look at the New York rare book world and the fascinating people who inhabit it.


This film chronicles the disturbing descent of a promising law student to an intransigent ultranationalist obsessed with murdering his country's leader, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

The Times of Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham, the legendary New York Times photographer and fashion historian, shares his life story in his own words and photographs from his remarkable archive of over 3 million images.

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