Brambletown - An Okee Dokee Brothers Film

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Come join us for a fun-filled day in Brambletown with The Okee Dokee Brothers - movie, live music, and a Q&A!

Sunday, August 11 at 11am & 1pm.

Each event lasts 1 hour (35min for the movie, 15min of live music, 10min for Q&A). There will be two showings: one at 11am and one at 1pm - each with separate ticket links. Brambletown is a musical, paper stop-motion animated short film that explores connection and belonging – within ourselves, with each other, and with nature. The film tells the story of Fox and Badger: two lifelong friends who return to their childhood home of Brambletown, only to find that things have changed. As they grow apart, experience new hurts, and navigate a major disruption to their forest community, Fox and Badger learn that even in the darkest moments, they still have the power to heal. Brambletown's core message is that taking care of ourselves and our relationships is part of taking care of the world. Through its music and story, the film provides children and grown-ups with a safe on-ramp for talking (and singing) about some of life's toughest challenges with hope, honesty, and optimism. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with the Okee Dokee Brothers in person. Grab your tickets now and get ready for a memorable time in Brambletown!

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