Riverview At Home - Virtual Cinema

If you are interested in supporting us during these hard times while watching great cinema, here’s your chance! A few cinema distributors have created "Virtual Screenings" of some independent films we might typically show. You are able to watch these films at home, and it provides economic support for independent theaters like the Riverview. By using the links we provide, you will be supporting us. For each film you rent, a percentage of the cost will go directly to the Riverview. A list of films we are currently offering is below, check back soon for more movies!

We are now offering the following films in our Virtual Cinema:

Vertical Life film tour
The Vertical Life Film Tour is an original climbing film tour created and conceived by the team behind Vertical Life Magazine. This year’s film tour includes 3 original films that celebrate the vertical life!

Five films follow extraordinary women who have each set out to start a purpose-driven business to improve and uplift their communities.

Filmmaker Elizabeth Lo follows the plight of three stray dogs as they find human companionship on the streets of Turkey.

'ZAPPA' explores the private life behind the mammoth musical career that never shied away from the political turbulence of its time.