The Riverview's sound system has evolved over the years. In 1993, subwoofers were added. Shortly thereafter, the original large Voice of the Theatre speakers were replaced with top-of-the-line Electro-Voice speakers and horns. New JBL surround speakers were added.

In February of 2000, Dolby Digital sound was added to the six-channel system which now includes 20 speakers. The Riverview now has both Dolby Digital and DTS Digital sound installed, a rarity for a single auditorium.

To add more low frequency punch, horn-loaded woofer enclosures for the three main screen channels were added in 2005. These speakers are part of Klipsch's MCM Grand Cinema system. At the same time, the system was tri-amped, meaning that three amplifier channels are used for each of the 3 main speakers, allowing for more precise tuning and amplification. In 2006, four new dual 18-inch subwoofers were installed.

Components now in use at the Riverview include a Dolby CP650 Cinema Processor; QSC DCA Series amplifiers; Electro-Voice, QSC, JBL and Klipsch loudspeakers, a QSC DCM-3 Digital Cinema Monitor and a DTS processor.